PHP memory limit ... how to change

Hi guys

I found that the PHP memory limit for this server is set to 8M.

I was installing a CMS which asked me that I may need a memory limit of 16M to run it smoother.

I was wondering if there’s a way to change the memory limit to a higher one.

Thanks for any help.

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This limit is caused by the configuration that DreamHost use for their PHP installation. This limit can not be raised as you do not have access to the php.ini file.

However, you can compile/install a custom PHP installation and modify its php.ini to raise the limit to whatever you want. Details are in the wiki article linked below.


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Hi Mark

Thanks a lot for your reply. I think that trying to install a php by myself will be something too complicated for me … and then I’ll have to upgrade the same myself in the future …

I’ve also noticed that DH is a bit slow for big CMSs like Moodle. Is it also due to the memory limit?


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It does look daunting, but if you follow the instructions in the Wiki it really is fairly straight forward and there are many helpful individuals here on the forum to help if you get stuck. :slight_smile:

I recall seeing a recent forum post that detailed a procedure where you didn’t need to compile a custom PHP binary, but instead copied the existing binary and ini file from the DreamHost PHP install. (see link below).

I should note that the crontab steps detailed in that post are only required if you wish the PHP binary to stay updated as DreamHost update their install.

I have not used Moodle, so I can’t really comment on the resources it needs to run efficiently.

Have you tried alternative CMS packages, to see if they run more efficiently here at DreamHost?


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Thanks Mark

I’m reading the other thread. I am having a few questions, but I guess I should ask the questions there.

Thanks a lot … it was a great help.

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So can anyone verify that this actually works?

I’ve changed the php.ini file that PHP5 uses for my site and I have changed various settings.

All of them work except for memory_limit, which I can’t even get to show in my phpinfo.php file…