PHP Memory -1MB?

For some reason UpdraftPlus thinks I have -1 MB of PHP memory. I believe I have a standard install of PHP.

I searched the forum and found answers about how to edit the PHP memory, but it seems the default should be enough for my purposes.

Where can I go to confirm the actual memory PHP has allocated?


Create a file named php_memory.php

Edit to read:

echo memory_get_usage():

Upload that to your server and access it through your browser.

For ways on how to convert that to useful numbers, see

Thanks, I will try that.


You can check the php memory limit from your cPanel >> Select PHP version >> Switch to PHP settings >> php_memory_limit


You can create a phpinfo.php file under public_html and add the php code in it.

Once you have created the phpinfo,php file you can access it from domainname/phpinfo.php

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