PHP Member Login script protecting large DL files

I have a set of php scripts for Member Logins, directing people to a password protected group page to download some zipped content.

When you go to download the rather large zip file, it checks via php to see if you’re in the correct group to download the file before you can.

At least that’s the plan. Am I going to run into these php-related memory issues for downloads, similar to the upload limits?

I’m noticing in my test case, a 0K file downloads instead of my 400MB zip, and I’m tring to determine if this is a php scripting/SQL database error, or just the memory limits.

The file downloads just fine without the php password check.

Any help anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Although this hasn’t been updated in a while, and was built with a focus on streaming movies, it can be used for your use case: I’ve used it with 200MB+ movies and never had a memory problem.

Sorry, didn’t get the email that you replied; I’ll certainly check it out.
Hmm, tarball seems to be empty now and no website link.

I guess I just need to know if checking a password via a php script caused the download to get throttled or killed, because it’s a giant file.

I suspect it is, and I wonder if I can password protect the download in some other way that still fits with the user accounts and logins that already exist for the rest of the site.

The 0k download would be from php errors, in my experience.

Also you may likely run out of memory doing that, depending on how PHP processes the file and how cleanly it releases memory.


It feels like the php issues everyone has talked about. It’s a bummer since it should just check to see if the user is on the list for the file and then give it to him/her, but however it’s doing it doesn’t seem to be the best way for a big file.

I’m exploring DreamObjects to host and protect these files, leading me to a host of other questions on the other forums. :slight_smile: