PHP Mailer Problems

I’ve been using a PHP mailer script for a year or two to let people send messages to me via a form on my site. It appears that this has ceased functioning as of 11/28/05. The script itself generates NO errors–it redirects to the “success” page fine. But the message appears not to be sent at all. It’s a fairly vanilla little script, and I’ve never had any problems with it; I’ve tried adjusting just about everything I can think, without success, so I’m wondering if there is something going on with my server settings that would upset the mailer. The only change I can remember making to my server settings recently is turning on the junk mail filter. Although the messages from the form don’t go to an address at the domain where the form is, I suppose the filter might be catching the outgoing messages. I’ve turned the filter off about 3 hours ago, but am still having the same problems.

UPDATE: I logged in to the default mailbox for the domain where the contact form is (I don’t use the email boxes on this domain), and it appears the messages from the form have been going forwarded there as “undeliverable”. The error message says: host[] said: 554 Recipient address rejected: Policy Rejection:
Mysterious Error. (in reply to RCPT TO command)

I have tried changing the “sendto” address in the script (to but that has no effect.

Thanks for any help!

same thing happened to me on several websites. problem turned out to be that i didn’t have “run php as cgi” turned on for the sites that were now broken. check that box and your script should work again.

Is this a sudden policy change? I’ve been running Expression Engine as php for quite a while and getting my mail - it also has stopped sending mail just in the last couple days.

my mail just stopped working on saturday for no apparent reason, so dh must have done something to the servers. fortunately i have several sites hosted with dh, so i could compare the ones that worked with the ones that didn’t and figure out the problem.

Same here. Great. I’m not going to switch to cgi so now I have to use smtp - which is possibly ALSO broken (or so I read in another thread). DH, why do you hate email? <-- it’s a joke, I think…


I had the same problem myself. After a lot of back and forth with support, received this reply:

– start dreamhost reply –
Currently we have policyd configured to limit outbound mail originating
from our machines. The current default throttle levels are 1000/hr per
envelope sender. This will cause problems if you are running php as the
Apache user. Since several users on the machine may also run the php mail
command and execute php as the webserver user ( dhapache ). You must
either set php to run as cgi or edit your code to explicitly set the
envelope sender. Below is an example of the syntax that you must use

– surround by php command delimiters –

mail(‘’, ‘the subject’, ‘the message’, ‘From:’, ‘’);

Let us know if you have any additional questions.

Brian S.

– end dreamhost reply –

I hope this is helpful.