PHP mailer form gradually stopped working

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Our PHP mailer forms on our site (which we have used for the past 4 years), have stopped working over the past two weeks. It is hard to pinpoint when the problem started, but I became aware of it yesterday. I tested the forms and they worked for me, but not another user in our company, nor an outside client. The confirmation page comes up fine, but the email does not appear in the email inbox of the form’s target email. I added my own address as a $cc_tomail address on the form for testing, but the problem persists. I don’t know whether it is a problem with the form (doubtful, since the code has not changed in years), Dreamhost email or the PHP services on Dreamhost. Does anyone have any suggestions? We are using dB Masters’ PHP FormM@iler with captcha enabled.


Who (or what) is being set as the sender on your emails? It should be an email address associated with the site — it should not be set to the email address input by the user, for instance, since their email provider isn’t actually sending the message.


Yes, it is one associated with our site. The problem is there with the sender’s email changed to a different one.


It’s very weird. The form started working again about 20 minutes ago, but it won’t work for my coworker. I don’t believe it is a problem with the form, but something with the server.