PHP mail() -> sendmail/postdrop problems on virtual private server (PS)

Over the last several weeks, we’ve had 3 problems with PHP mail() on our virtual Private Server (PS). Every time is has been a permissions problem with either sendmail or postdrop. Apparently when DH does a new software install, their configuration files are incorrect, and the permissions are not set right.

It is so frustrating. We just moved to a PS on DH on my recommendation, and this is pretty embarrassing. Setting permissions correctly for an OS install seem pretty basic. How can they keep getting it wrong?

I’ve got the same problem. My site is down and no one can be bothered to get back to me hours later. Ridiculous.

Still no help from support. Did you ever get your problem sorted?

Yes, they fixed it within a couple hours of my report. Better than the last two times where it took the better part of a day.

The problem was once again a permissions problem, on postdrop. Apparently they have a process that checks permissions and “fixes” them periodically. The script used had a mistake in it. They claimed that this script is now fixed, but then that’s what they said last time.

My impression is that DH goes through periods of expansion where their customer service and reliability kind of goes to hell (like right now). Then things settle down and get better. I think the company is basically competent but doesn’t know how to manage the peaks and changes very well.

Disclosure: Dallas and the guys at DH got their start on my T1 back in the 90’s with a couple PCs sitting on the floor of our office in Santa Monica. I’m not in touch with them directly (but I think my former employees Mark R. and Guy G. are), but I hope they can pull things together. While I understand the one-price-fits-all concept, for those of us who have clients running their entire business on DH’s servers, I’d like to see a tiered approach where you can pay extra for faster service.

Paying extra for faster service is supposed to be their “Call Back” feature. However, some posts here state that even though they opted to pay for a call back, they did not receive one in the 4 day period since their request and their post to the forums. I don’t know if they got charged, but you’d think that DH would stay on top of a premium service such as a Call Back.

Anyhow, there is that extra tier, but it apparently doesn’t always work.


Took them the full 24 hours to fix it, so the site was down that long. I have a few months left to go and then I’m out of here.

I’m having the same problem now on my Dreamhost PS service. I just upgraded to PS last week, I’ve been a customer since 2004 and have been very happy with DreamHost, but I’ve been waiting over 48 HOURS now to get a response from DreamHost - still nothing, AND I requested a callback.

Seems like this problem should be relatively trivial for them to fix, they must be short staffed or something… hoping for the best here, very loyal customer but this is trying my patience, and causing some sales & support problems for my business as well as my clients - we all rely on PHP mail() to do business, and it’s requiring a lot of manual effort to work AROUND this problem!

Just heard back from support, they are working on my issue now, and it’s not the same issue as the one others were having in this thread apparently. Problems happen with any hosting provider - the reason I’m with DreamHost is that they’re always very cool about it.

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