PHP Mail Script

I’ve struggled with getting mail functionality set up so am asking for some help. I decided I would use Pear-mail as described at So I installed the pear packages mail, Net-SMTP and mail-mime.
C:\Users\user name>pear list

Archive_Tar 1.3.2 stable
Console_Getopt 1.2.3 stable
Mail 1.1.14 stable
Mail_Mime 1.5.2 stable
Mail_mimeDecode 1.5.0 stable
Net_SMTP 1.3.1 stable
Net_Socket 1.0.8 stable
PEAR 1.6.1 stable
Structures_Graph 1.0.2 stable

I’m trying to send the mail using my gmail account which works just fine with outlook for my personal mail. When I run the code below, what I see in the browser is a message in the bottom left of the screen saying “waiting for localhost” that lasts about one minute followed the line of echo messages below which I inserted for debugging purposes
c:\wamp\bin\php\php5.2.5\PEARinclude mail doneinclude mime doneSTARTStart sending

The email send never seems to get a response to echo out the results and from then on I don’t get any indication of what happened. Seems like I am missing something. The mail id and password are set to the real values not what is shown below. Thanks for any assistance

The code is

<?php set_include_path('c:\wamp\bin\php\php5.2.5\PEAR'); echo get_include_path(); include('Mail.php'); echo "include mail done"; include('Mail/mime.php'); echo "include mime done"; // Constructing the email echo "START"; $sender = ""; // Your email address $recipient = ""; // The Recipients name and email address $subject = "Test Email"; // Subject for the email $text = 'This is a text message.'; // Text version of the email $html = '

This is a html message

'; // HTML version of the email $crlf = "\n"; $headers = array( 'From' => $sender, 'Return-Path' => $sender, 'Subject' => $subject ); // Creating the Mime message $mime = new Mail_mime($crlf); // Setting the body of the email $mime->setTXTBody($text); $mime->setHTMLBody($html); // Add an attachment $file = "Hello World!"; $file_name = "Hello text.txt"; $content_type = "text/plain"; $mime->addAttachment ($file, $content_type, $file_name, 0); // Set body and headers ready for base mail class $body = $mime->get(); $headers = $mime->headers($headers); // SMTP authentication params $smtp_params["host"] = ""; $smtp_params["port"] = "587"; $smtp_params["auth"] = true; $smtp_params["username"] = ""; $smtp_params["password"] = "my-password"; echo "Start sending"; // Sending the email using smtp $mail =& Mail::factory("smtp", $smtp_params); $result = $mail->send($recipient, $headers, $body); echo "End sending"; if($result === 1) { echo("Your message has been sent!"); } else { echo("Your message was not sent: " . $result); } ?>