PHP mail() odd problem


I’m encountering the following problem:
I have a php script which is supposed to send an automated email each time an user creates an account on my website. The email arrives in 2 seconds if the email address is like "" but doesn’t arrive at all if the email address is different.

Any ideas why? Because it seems very strange to me…

Do you mean that you only get it if you send it to a address, or if that’s the sender’s address? It shouldn’t matter either way, unless something is triggering a spam filter for certain ISPs.

Did you check junk/spam folders?

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It’s quite common to put email filters in scripts. You’ve checked to see that the script doesn’t restrict the acceptable email addresses?

Yes, that’s exactly what happened. The script is ok, I’ve used it many times. When I used the script to send an email to let’s say "" the email arrived within 5 seconds. When I used it to send an email to "" or "" the message didn’t arrive. And I also checked the spam folders.

But, when I checked after about 5-6 hours later, all the emails arrived on all the addresses and they all were in the INBOX folder.

So, I guess it’s a problem with the mail server. Probably some strange delay because I still can’t explain why on the emails were sent immediattly and on other domains it took hours.