PHP Mail not working


Using a basic PHP form mail. Have it set now to something basic:

<?php mail("","My Subject","My body"); ?>

This is after I had problems with the form mail. So I checked ‘mailq’ and saw these entries:

D74296041B 706 Tue Apr 11 06:16:00
(delivery temporarily suspended: connect to[]: Connection timed out)


72D3260417 706 Tue Apr 11 06:12:28
(host[] said: 450 Server configuration problem (in reply to RCPT TO command))

None of the emails have gone through. Not sure why this is happening, any help?


I’m having the same problem. As of yesterday, my PHP email scripts worked fine. As of today, I no longer receive the emails.


My form quit working too :-/


All of mine are borked as well.

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Add another name to the list… Mine’s the same way. :frowning:


and another

!@#$ sake this is embarrassing

edit: I hope to heaven these mails are not dissappearing. I’ve just checked 6 of my sites here that use NMS formmail to process contact forms, all 6 get daily inquiries/new business contacts and one is the point of contact for an ad posted this very morning. If these are disappearing I’ve never been so screwed.



I’m in the same boat, Jason. I’m sitting here debating whether or not to email my clients and say “there is currently a contact form outage” (or something like that), or to hide behind my voicemail for a bit. I opened a ticket a little while ago, but I haven’t even had an auto response - which may in itself be an indication of how widespread the outage is.

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same boat, no auto response from support here either

the spam keeps rolling and I can mail myself, get mail from others, so that’s a good thing (not the spam mind you ;))

thought maybe the blog would have some news but nope, just a rather ill-timed party video



This was Dreamhost’s response to me:

“PHPmail is working normally but we have hourly limits to reduce the
amount of spam from our network. There is a 100 email per hour limit, any
emails beyond this limit will be blocked. Almost all webhosting companies
have similar limits in place as well.”

Do they mean I can’t receive more than 100 emails per hour? Because I receive MAYBE one or two. Or do they mean out of ALL of their customers only 100 emails can be processed? Either way, they don’t claim any responsibility despite the fact that all worked well yesterday and this seems to coincide with the constant issues they’ve had today.

The emergency status page is worthless because they don’t bother to update it. As for the blog, maybe they should spend less time partying and more time focusing on their customers.


It might seem ill-timed, but I believe the post was made somewhat before the outage. Besides, it’s always a good time to party.

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Well that is obviously not true.

That limit has nothing to do with this current outage, unless we suddenly all had our contact forms compromised at the same time. Perhaps the 100 email-per-hour block is accidentally being applied globally?

Simon Jessey | Keystone Websites
Save $97 on yearly plans with promo code [color=#CC0000]SCJESSEY97[/color]


well said but you miss my meaning, ill-timed as in “I’m a little agitated, last thing I wanna see right now”

I’ll settle down eventually

meantime I think I have plenty to keep me busy now =\



I’m with you. Obviously there is an issue they either (1) weren’t aware of or (2) don’t care about.

Know of any good hosts for folks with multiple domains?


I got the same lame response about the 100 message limit when i said my forms stopped working. It doesn’t even make any sense. When you fill out my contact form it sends 1 message. I’m pretty sure 1 < 100. Maybe i’m wrong.


I’ve got the same problem. My forms worked yesterday but they arn’t today. And I get maybe 1-5 emails a day so the 100 limit doesnt mean anything to mean.


I don’t even have forms up yet… I’m testing a form that hasn’t been made available to the public yet, so that 100 limit shouldn’t apply to me either. It sounds like something’s broken and they aren’t really trying to figure out what it is yet.

Gotta love it when someone says “I need this today” and I look like an foo becuase I can’t get it done - because of a web host problem. :-/


I’m using ruby-on-rails on Dreamhost and it’s also giving me the same problem. In fact, it hasn’t worked at all in the past few days for me. I set the smpt to as instructed on the website, but never got and e-mail to go through.


I’m having the same issue as well.


holy moly, quick fix for a few of my forms, thanks bob!

spammy but working



Seems like a solution for my sites that actually use forms. Doesn’t do much for my ones that are just triggered messages from php scripts with no form involved. I’m waiting for Dreamhost to respond to my second support ticket on this issue and say there’s no problem on their end so I can point them to this thread.