php mail not received on bluewin

I’m using for a php mail as given in Clients are asked to register their address (twice for avoiding typo).
This was working nicely but this year (we organise a yearly balade) all bluewin customers ( don’t receive any email at all. This works only if the customer has previously exchanged an email with
Since we would like to avoid this (heavy for the user), do you have a hint to make this working?
I also asked to bluewin what they could do on their side but do not expect too much.
Thanks in advance for your suggestion.

Deliverability of email is complicated, many things can go wrong. It’s possible that bluewin mail server has blacklisted the mail server you’re using for phpmail. You have a few options: one is to work with the email server provider to clean up their reputation. The other (and best solution IMO) is to use a mail delivering service like Mailgun, Sendgrid, etc: these services do only one thing (deliver email reliably) and do it well.

Thank you smaffulli for your suggestion. Is it possible to link Mailgun or Sendgrid with my site residing on dreamhost? My goal is to send a confirmation email to clients who registered for a balade. This should be done one by one just after their registration. This was perfectly residing in the php of the registration web page.

You sure can use any of those services wherever you’re hosting your site. Mailgun and Elasticmail have free tiers, so if you don’t get 10k emails per month (or 150k for Elasticmail) the services are free.

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