Php mail function

Hello all! I’m moving a website from my old service provider over to dreamhost. My website calls the php mail function to send an email when a customer submits an order. This function is failing on dreamhost. Is SendMail not installed?


Sendmail is installed and it’s possible to mail via PHP. What’s your PHP syntax for sending the message?


Hi Scott, here’s my syntax. Again, this worked on my old provider; however I fully realize different versions of PHP, etc work a little differently.

$recipient = “Name”;
$subject = “Hey, a new order!”;
$message = “Check it out, a new order!”;
$extra = “From:\r\nReply-To:\r\n”;

mail ($recipient, $subject, $message, $extra);

Take off the \r\n from the last header (Reply-To). You only need those to separate headers, and there’s no header after that, so that creates a blank line in the header which throws things off.