PHP mail() function not sending email

Hi all,

I’m trying to send email from a simple form type page using PHP, but it doesn’t seem to be working (this is a script that was tested and working before).

I have now created the following test:

<?php $to = ($_GET['email'] != '') ? $_GET['email'] : ''; $subject = 'Test email'; $message = ' This is a test email to check the PHP mailer code is working, and that the mail server is actually sending email. If you are reading this, then it works! '; $result = mail($to, $subject, $message); echo "mail result: $result
\n"; echo "to: $to
\n"; echo "subject: $subject
\n"; echo "message: $message
\n"; ?>

The result shows as “1” so as far as PHP is concerned the email has been sent, but it does not appear to be working.

FWIW my web server is “redondo”.



There’s a chance you are just having bad luck with timing, as web server email appears to be suspended at the moment:

Thanks for the reply! As long as emails don’t get lost, then thats not a big problem to me.

Interestingly, my http access logs for 30th June show what looks like someone (or bot… somebotty?!) trawling for flaws; specifically, I have a form that gets POSTed back to a PHP mailer. The requests in the log show GET’s for the form with some form fields as a query string! And there’s quiet a few of them (~20 - 30 from memory).

Anyway… I’m rambling… thanks again for the reply!! :wink:


I really hope they get this fixed soon. I have a website that requires users to click an email confirmation link before their account is activated. I am getting new registrations but people are complaining that they are not getting their email.

I’m crossing my fingers they fix it soon.

I have received all the test messages I send yesterday (I’m on UK time BTW).

Also, I just tried sending another test message and received it straight away… so I guess its working now. But the status page doesn’t seem to have been updated yet so who knows!