Php mail form



Looking for some assitance with this. I am green to PHP. I downloaded a mail script from:
I test on an account I have with a different provider and it works fine, but when copy the same exact script to my dreamhost account, the email gets sent to me, but the name, message and email address do not show up in the email. It basically sends an email with nothing in it. Is there some setting I need to adjust on my dreamhost account?
The server that it works on is using php version 4.3.9
My dream host account is using 4.4.8 if that makes any difference.


Yikes … it’s in flash! I don’t have a clue (which is often the case with flash stuff). :frowning:



rlparker does not like flash.

How about a formmail? This should be easier to implement than flash.

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That may, or may not be true, but rlparker most certainly doesn’t know enough about the internals of .fla files, or have convenient “open” tools avaialable, to troubleshoot flash applications! :wink: