Php mail() auto fills

When I try to send an email using the php mail function, it works, but when I look at the email received it adds, [quote][/quote] at the end. Its like the server is auto filling it for me or something. It wont let me put my own email, please help. How can I override this.

My code I have setting the header: [php]$header=‘From: mindlounge’;[/php]

Specify a fully qualified “from” address i.e. It should be a valid email address that exists on your domain.

FYI, up til a few years ago you could pretty much spoof the “From”. They have added controls because the volume of spam that was generated that kept dreamhost on RBL’s

So I cant do:
[php]$header=“from: mindlounge”;[/php]
Cause this is what I was originally trying to do.

I would have to do:
[php]$header=“from: mindlounge”;[/php]
Yes this worked thank you!

I don’t know what the content of your outgoing email is, but if you want REPLIES to go to your gmail, add a Reply-to: header also and make THAT your gmail address.