PHP Location


Hi, im trying to install vanillatgp and with the “PHP Location: /usr/local/bin/php” Im getting

*ERROR: Could not run PHP through command line using exec(). The PHP path may be wrong, exec() may be disabled or Zend Optimizer does not work when running PHP through commandline.

Im a complete newbee to this stuff but is that location wrong?
Any help is much appreciated.
Thanx, Jared


Yes, that location for php is correct. But I’m not familiar with send, so I’m not sure what to do. Hopefully someone familiar with Zend will come along soon.



DH have disabled the exec() function in the default builds of php…

If you compile your own then you should be able to remove that restriction but i am not 100% sure


Thanks for the fast reply’s guys. I might have to read up on how to compile my own php.

Anyone else have any answers?