PHP List

Anyone out there using phplist? If so I have a few questions that their site doesn’t seem to answer.

I have two years of experience with PHPlist, although I dont use it here on DH due to the email limit.
What can I do to help you?

BUGabundo :o)
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Looking for advice on best approach considering my needs and abilities.

The Need:

I am the web developer and webmaster for a dance club with 300 members and a mailing list of 500. Might grow it to 1,000. Our member information is in spreadsheets on a personal computer. Our club president has been using Yahoo to send out a newsletter. This has many problems.

I believe we need to put our list on a server in a database. We have applications beyond email for the database so I am looking for a package that will work with our database rather than limit us to their layout. Want to SQL select from mysql which people to send which newsletter or other announcement. Looks like phplist uses many-to-many instead of this approach, but that might work.

Would be nice to have already written code to handle opt-in and opt-out, scheduling, throttling, bounced mail etc.

I am generally happy with DreamHost. Only complaint so far is that although my file uploads normally are available instantly, sometimes they don’t update for several hours. This high traffic on the mug server has me concerned that even with a small email list I might experience difficulties even with spacing them out.

My Abilities:

I am a web developer not a programmer. I work in XHTML strict with external CSS and no tables for layout. Use HomeSite editor to hand code. Want to get into php/mysql.

I have looked a bulk mail service on the web. I see there phplist, mail(), and a Pear Mail package.

So, with your experience what would you recommend?


Steve Powell

Hya Steve.
First, PHPList is a one-to-many, and not many-to-many.
About using different lists with several users, is not hard.
But trying to keep it sinc with a external BD might not be easy.
If possible, just enter ppl on the lists they need to be in, on registration, and your are done.
As Dh as a limit of 100 emails/hour, you will have to use PHPList throttle. Thats also easy, but if u need help, dont hesitate.

About the files, PHPlist offers two choices: either you attach them to the email, or use an internal or external link for download.

BEWARE the rules of dreamhost about anti-spam and opt-in.
yoou will need to have your users subscribe and confirm the list(s) and not subscrive them yourself.
Well, actually you can, but if someone reports u as a spammer your are in trouble, along with your account.

BUGabundo :o)
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