PHP List

I need to be able to import a 400 name list and have a competent outgoing email program. The Announce Lists description on the wiki doesn’t look like it fills the bill.

phplist is open source and looks like it fills the bill. Anyone have any other ideas?

Anyone using phplist?

DreamHost has a fairly strict policy about mass emailing, and use of their Announce Lists is encouraged. If you use an alternative method to do this, you run the risk of exceeding the email limit that has been imposed because of spamming (~ 100 per hour, I think).

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In addition to scjessey’s relevant comments, you should note that whether you use the DH supplied announcement list software, you must still comply with DH’s Anti-Spam policy which requires, among other things, a “confirmed opt-in” process for list members.

You should review your process planning to make sure you “add” your 400 names in accordance with those policies. :wink: