PHP libxslt error while compiling


I am having trouble compiling PHP5 as per the instructions on

I followed the instructions on:

I got to libxslt and downloaded, unpacked and configured libxslt as as it says to do in the instructions but I received error “Warning: Missing libxml2-python \checking for libgcrypt-config… no \configure: Crypto extensions will not be available. Install libgcrypt and reconfigure to make available. \Enabling debugger \checking for libxml libraries >= 2.6.8… configure: error: Version 2.4.19 found. You need at least libxml2 2.6.8 for this version of libxslt”

It sounds like libxml2 is either not installed or the configure script can’t find it.

Looking at those instructions, wherever it says “–prefix=/usr/local/”, you’ll have to change that to something like “–prefix=$HOME/usr”.

Then, when you’re compiling libxslt, you give it the same directory: “–with-libxml-prefix=$HOME/usr”. Then it should be able to find libxml2, and it will compile correctly.

That’s my best guess…

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