Php is slow?

I have a gallery php gallery on my website , I noticed it load really slow. I’ve seen this gallery run on other webpages fine.

Is there a problem with the mysql/php? Or just not enough processing power?

I’m coming to believe it is slow. I don’t know what could make PHP slow here vs somewhere else. What are the significant variables to PHP processing speed? Would it be faster on a dedicated machine, or is it something else?

No idea, any dreamhost admins can input on this?

Like I’m only loading a gallery with 25 small pictures on it.
Takes quite awhile.

I sympathize with your question. I’ve been disillusioned with my expression engine (php/mysql) install which has page rendering times up to one order of magnitude slower than some installations hosted elsewhere (five seconds sometimes, compared to 0.3 - 0.6 seconds I’ve seen elsewhere on shared hosting providers). Render times are hovering around 2 - 4 seconds this morning, this with all sorts of caching enabled. Last night I got all excited because for a couple hours I got render times of 0.6 - 1.2 seconds!

So maybe it isn’t php per se - maybe it’s just that the servers we’re on are beyond capacity to deliver good performance. My forum on the same server (but different mysql server) which is capable of snappy performance once in a blue moon, suffers from hair-pulling eye-gouging slowness more and more frequently. I believe I am losing members due to its poor performance :frowning:

And yet, and yet … my completely static site, also on the same server, has consistently excellent response time. I took a lot of pains to keep that site extremely light. So I’m very confused as to what I can do.

hehe. Maybe you are all trying to run these scripts on the same server hence the slow performance :P.

Try looking at the DHSOTM section of the panel (site of the month) go to see people’s site and see what sort of times they are experiencing.

I am receiving no slowness on my sites. One thing I keep saying (and keep wishing) is that when peeps say “my site is slow,” “my sql is slow,” “my php is slow,” “my email is out,” … let us know what server you are on. I am on over 20 servers now. I would love to let you know if the server that we both share is slow…or maybe is could be your scripts etc. I am not going to go check every site on every server to see if perhaps I am experiencing the same issues.

Ranting is over…again

: )


I’m on the gap server?
If that even exists. But I believe it’s the gap.

Domains are both on fud.
Mysql are flipper and krakatoa.

yep anything on mysql is going slow for me. On Yen. Deals & Coupon Codes. Why Pay Retail?

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wow…seeing all this. and my php (with huge accesses to my database) is not slow at all. my sites are generally huge due to my ignorance and wanting lots of (big, not sliced up,) images. I am curious to see your sites that are so slow and how php and/or mysql is slowing them down. Can you give some urls so maybe I and others can see the slowness? Perhaps even help.

just a curious girl today!

I’ve noticed a curious slowing of our sites on zorg as well, and it seems to be related to PHP. Adding a single line of php code (print() if you’re curious) to an otherwise static HTML file slowed the page down noticeably. Our SMF forums’ index page rendered from 0.05 seconds to 0.1 seconds on our previous shared host – and in about 0.2 seconds on DH when we signed up here – but nowadays the same page tends to render from 1.5 seconds to 5 seconds. Mind you this is a forum with around thirty posts total and virtually zero traffic (yes, this is intentional).

We are on zorg. I have seen load average go above 20 on this server, and the average during daytime seems to fluctuate between 8 and 15. Evenings and night, around 3. This seems to correspond with the rendering times for our forum’s index page; the higher load average the longer the rendering time.

DH acknowledged that they had been moving people off of our server to less crowded servers, and offered to move us as well. We gave them the go-ahead on the 24th of February, but so far we’re still on zorg and there’s no sign of DH lifting a finger.


how do you know the server’s cpu load? I cant find anything in there control panel about that info. The html pages load good, but im sure its is the mysql servers that are full of crap and slow. I have an html page with a layer and iframe in the middle of the html page. The page load but the iframe stays “WHITE” for awhile than it loads my MYSQL driven blog. I have another page that has html and it loads fast, but the iframe stays white for awhile than loads the mysql photo gallery. They need to speeden up there mysql servers. Deals & Coupon Codes. Why Pay Retail?

My forum on fud has perked up a bit in the last couple of days.

Twista: if you connect via shell, try the ‘uptime’ command. It will give you some server load values.

how do i setup an Shell account? Deals & Coupon Codes. Why Pay Retail?

BTW, I started a thread on forums on the possible causes of these slowdowns. Feel free to take a look and maybe pipe in on what you think is going on. If you do though, please try to keep it civil.

Hi, I am a new customer to DH, and I move from the previous hosting company because they did not offer PHP as CGI. But I noticed that my server franc is sooooo… slow!!! At peak times, my site won’t even show up! I have tested in other servers in other companies that I have without problems!

The log file keep on shows:
Premature end of script headers: /dh/cgi-system/php.cgi

Is it only me, only franc server or overall? Do you think changing to other DH servers will solve the problem?

Don’t move to kroner. Check this out:

kroner:~> uptime
01:10:04 up 4 days, 14:29, 4 users, load average: 37.39, 12.99, 7.05

That’s in the middle of the night. I can’t imagine what it must look like during the day (unless it’s running stats or something. I can’t tell since ps -ef only shows my stuff.)