PHP installs outdated version

Board version: 3.0.13 [ Re-Check version ]
3.1.6 is the current version and after 3 tries and and deleting 2 databases and subdomains I give on updating this myself

I’m guessing by the version numbers that you’re writing about phpBB, but your question is not clear.

Sorry. I never saw there was a Reply this…
The “one click install for PHPBB” installs an outdated version so you will get a warning anytime you access the PHPBB ADMIN console.
The version that is installed is also not updatable to newer versions and the workaround is basically deleting everything but the DB and manually uploading, installing and connecting it to the DB which is all a real pain in the ass

Sadly Dreamhost doesn’t update the one click installs very often. (except for wordpress)