Php install

Hi all. I’m installing php 5.2.5 via the instructions on the wiki, using the first script. It keeps failing in the “Configuring Extensions” section. Here is the error I get when it stops.

As near as I can tell, easy.h is where it’s supposed to be, but maybe I’m looking in the wrong spot. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks a lot.

Try this:

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Thanks a lot, it’s running now. Wait. . . it stalled on the Freetype download, so I switched it to the voxel server and it’s running again. I’ll let you know how it turns out. Thanks again.

Just wanted to let you know the script worked great once I changed the server for the Freetype download, and I am running my own PHP now. Thanks a lot.

Thanks for the heads-up. Script edited to wget from

Good luck with your site.

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