I’ve been trying to follow the instructions over at DreamHost’s wiki to create my own php.ini as I need the file size to be larger to upload hi-res images through a browser.

But, I’ve ran into a problem with Putty where after I type in my username, when I try to type in my password I can’t. It’s like the keyboard will suddenly no longer work in SSH.

So can anyone talk me through it? Or can anyone even give me an estimate how much it would cost to pay someone from here (a regular) to do it for me as I’m really having not much luck?


It is a bit tricky. :slight_smile:

Though it looks like no response, just key in your password as usual and press Enter and you will log into your account. Putty just wants to protect your password better without even telling others the length (indicated by number of asterisk in windows) of your password.

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I’ve managed to use SSH and I followed the instructions and modified php.ini but it doesn’t seem to be working.

I’ve been trying to upload an hi-res image at 8004 x 6000 pixels, but it comes up “Page not found” when I try to add it to my gallery. Though I don’t have that problem with any images below 5000 px - no matter the file size.

Could it be because I have my gallery in a private password protected folder? It’s just for my private back-up collection of movie pictures I’ve been collecting.

Here is an article in wiki on how to customize php.ini file. I’m not sure whether you are following this.

I believe you will need to modify these two variables in php.ini file


I don’t think putting gallery in a private password protected folder causes any problem. But if it is for your private backup, you may have broken Dreamhost TOS. According to TOS, all the files in our server are for hosting but not for personal backup. Be careful.

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Tried changing those and still no luck.

No problem about the gallery. I’ll just take the password protection off and use it as a hosted gallery instead.