Good day !

im interested in sign for 1 year -

initially will 1 account - but - if happy can sign for more !

howewer ive to ask a questo to the techs !

i need to run php.ini at higher settings - to allow uploading files into the server using php - of 200 - 300 mb of size !

will it be possible - or you provide a low settings php.ini - that can not be changed ??

thanks for your time !

The default setting for php is 7mb. However you can follow the instructions in this wiki article so your domains use your own php.ini file. Should you need to you can also compile you own php install by following the instructions from this wiki article

Make sure the instructions make sense to you, support won’t help you out. We here in the forum can help with specific questions, but it will be a difficult process if you don’t have much command line experience.

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Thanks - for your kind help !

much appreciated


IMHO attemp to upload more than 32MB via php it’s hard not only on a shared env…

Also it’s not very easy to have your own php.ini… as pointed out… how confortable are you with CLI, configure and make?

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Attempting to upload files of 200-300Mb through PHP (which means HTTP) is insane, and almost certainly won’t work because the process will be killed when memory limits and execution times are exceeded. Use FTP (or SFTP) to do uploads.

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This may be a dumb question, but I need to know specifically:

can one override the “memory_limit” default php.ini setting with a custom php.ini file on a shared hosting plan on DH?

Or better yet:

Does DH support ini_set()? Can I override the default with $old=ini_set(“memory_limit”,“15M”); (which should essentially double the memory limit)?


I believe that you *can" modify it, but I doubt it will do you much good - the current memory limit as reported by phpinfo on my accounts is set at 90 mb, and there have been reports from others who have experimented extensively that the DreamHost procwath program that monitors usage will kick in at a little over 100 mb of memory (as well as execution time, high CPU cycles, etc.). After all these accounts are on shared servers, and no one use should be able to consume an inordinate share of the machine’s memory.

Out of curiosity, how much memory do you need and what do you need it for?


I use a script found on ( that creates a zip file on the server - it’s quite handy.

Turns out if any one file being zipped is over 8mgs, it runs out of memory. My current host (1and1) does not allow memory_limit to be modified. I’ve recommended DH to clients, and it may be time to make the switch myself.

As far as how much - I think 15mb (to 20mb) would be plenty. Heck of a lot less than 90! (But I know I definitely need more than 8.)

Thanks for the info.