Hey Guys,

So I’ve been told by dreamhost that it is impossible to change the max_filesize restrictions with php here. Now, I signed up because someone had posted something in the forums that if you compiled your own php and edited the php.ini file you actually could change the php.ini accordingly and allow, say, users on your php site to upload and download 200Megabyte max files.

I went ahead and compiled php then edited the ini file at /etc/php5/php.ini and the changes to the file saved alright (dreamhost told me that this wouldn’t be possible) but I am still limited to transfer files smaller than 8mb!?

Is there a work-around? Perhaps I am putting the php.ini file in the wrong place? Should it be in the domain base directory ?


If this isn’t possible I should switch to something like powweb methinks.


phpinfo will tell you what php.ini file it is looking for.

Create a new php file in your web directory containing these lines:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

and then view that file in your web browser. It gives you the path to php.ini somewhere on the first screen.

It will be somewhere in the directory in which you installed PHP… I think it’s ~/usr/lib/php.ini

Hmm, when I did that I got a message in firefox saying ‘no input file specified’ !?

I think I know where the php.ini file is though and have made the appropriate changes to allow for larger filesize transfers through php but my front end is still registering an 8mb limit!?!?

When I contacted dreamhost’s tech support they emailed me suggesting that its not possible to override their restrictions!? Is this true?

Any suggestions for a non-php web based filesharing solution?