I have a php program from a company and when I run it I get and error that says I need bcmath enabled. I was told to have the admin change the php.ini file to add --enable-bcmath. I do not know how to get to this file, I think it is located in /ect/php/cgi/php.ini, but I don’t know if I am able to edit this, or do I have to wait for DH admin to do it for me.

Any info would be helpful.

You’ve received incorrect advice. You would be wanting to recompile php with --enable-bcmath added to the list when running ./configure. If it’s not compiled in there’s no way to control it with parameters in php.ini.


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I did get a hold of DreamHost, and they said they could change this in the .ini , but they would not because I share the server with 40 others, and they do not change settings like this. I will look into recompiling this, but I doubt if this is an option for me.

The main reason for this is link management. Listing my links and allowing others to enter in links and approve them later…

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