Php.ini upload limit

I have recently begun developing a website using the WordPress platform. I set up a new domain and installed WordPress, everything was working fine.

However, uploading files over 7MB in WordPress results in a error, stating that the filesize is too big. Having investigated this, I followed the tutorial posted in the Dreamhost wiki for creating a custom php.ini file and increasing the maximum upload size.

I followed every step, and installed the new version of php in /cgi-bin/ in my FTP root, as a Dreamhost support advisor recommended, yet I’m still unable to upload files over 7MB.

Having contacted support a few times, they are unable to offer any further assistance on this, and I was wondering if I could find some support here.

In the php ini file you need to chage two settings.


My website

The new php.ini is configured to 100MB, as detailed here

Interesting… I see they updated the information again. Been awhile since I looked at it.
Did you test it and make sure you are using your version and not DH’s version.

My website

Hmm, having checked my phpinfo, it would appear that this is the path the .ini being used


Double-check that you have .htaccess just like the wiki says.


Yep, I definitely have .htaccess

FTP root is your home directory. The /cgi-bin/ belongs in your website folder. If this isn’t the problem, then recheck the wiki instructions or get a fresh set of eyes to poke around. I take it that the phpinfo you mentioned is in a .php file on your website?


An advisor from Dreamhost said that I should put it in my FTP root.

I followed the instructions on the Wiki and installed it in my website folder before contacting Dreamhost.

So I have installed it both in my website folder, and my home directory, with no success.