Php.ini trouble


I am having some trouble installing a certain shopping cart software on Dreamhost, as it needs register_long_arrays to be on. Its turned off by default, and I am wondering how I can change this. Tried to make a php.ini file in the root of the website, but that didnt help much.

Any help is appreciated.


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Instructions there will show you how to set yourself up.

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yeah, tried that. Didn’t work.

Shouldnt there be just a matter of making a custom php.ini file and put it in the root of the website?

My PHP skills are very limited, so some help will be very appreciated.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I wonder if thats because there seems to be a bit missing from the “.htaccess” instruction in the wiki (but I may be wrong).

“Shouldnt” denotes a certain amount of plausible relativity due to the fact that just putting a “php.ini” file in the root directory of the web
A) runs the risk of exposing the file to people you’d probably rather not.
B) doesn’t work on this hosting platform

The “php.ini” file should actually be located away from a directory that the httpd can find it; hence the cgi-wrapper solution offered in the wiki.

The steps in the wiki work except you’ll maybe want to add a line above the two listed in the .htaccess that would read:AddHandler php-cgi .php…though I wouldn’t place money on whether that’s right because I pretty much exclsuively use my own PHP compilation and never use DH’s.

Additionally you’ll want to modify the wrapper command that invokes (execs) php like this:exec /dh/cgi-system/php5.cgi -c /home/youraccount/php.inito force it to use your php.ini file. I would also highly recommend that you copy the distribution php.ini file in first as the wiki suggests and modify that copy.

Don’t use -c directives.

Try this:

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