PHP.ini question


I’m trying to follow the instructions here,

And I’m getting stuck at the part, where it’s asking me to make a file called “phprc”. What is this file? Is it a .txt file? So is it a phprc.txt file?


Never mind, this worked beautifully.


It is a file without extension, I had the same doubt as you and I followed the commands “nano” to created it

Anyway I think I am doing something wrong because it didnt change :S


It’s a text file but no extension so the structure in your site should look like


Not sure what @inter did wrong on his site but works fine on my site.

The wiki doesn’t mention you need to cd into the /home/user001/.php/5.3 directory and then run “nano phprc” otherwise you probably created a file named phprc in your home directory…
P.s - Just added that to the wiki