Php.ini Problem

I have attempted to create my own php.ini setup, followed the PHP5 setup in the DreamHost Wiki yet I continue to get this "Can not find /cgi-bin/php.cgi/index.php’ error message. Why is it adding the “/index.php”???

I also tried adding further path information (home directory, root path, etc.). Any modifications cause a “400 Bad Request” error to happen with no further usable info.

The php.cgi and php.ini are copied to my ~/[website]/cgi-bin/ directory (though The ‘.htaccess’ file is in the ~/[website]/ directory.

I guess it is a problem with the path in Action directive in the .htaccess file, but I have been unable to solve it. I also tried searching here for similar problems to no avail…

If anyone knows of this problem, would like a bit of help. Thanks.

Never mind, found out it was a MOD_REWRITE problem. After MUCH tinkering and searching, I finally got it working!