Php.ini file help {New Vps User}

i do not know much about vps but i bought a vps from dreamhost,and php.ini file i useto set uplaod max size and sutff on my old server with just the file and sometimes talk to my company to increase so i can increase from the file as well but now that i bought vps i really do not know how to do this,the link that was provided to me by dreamhost did not help i did not understood! so please help me out here can some of you provide me with easy instructions on how can i make a php.ini file on my vps so that will work on all of my websites and be able to uplaod! plz help here im new to vps stuff

Can i please get some help here ???

We use phprc files, if you’re on PHP 5.4 or 5.3

That’s what you want to edit.