Php.ini changes


When trying to edit the php.ini, it says to edit the php.ini.local to change settings but the directory isn’t writable. Any one know what the process is to change php.ini settings?


If it’s your own person copy of PHP, copy the php.ini.local to where ever you told PHP you’ll store the INI file (default is $prefix/lib/) as php.ini. Edit the file and save.

Keep in mind, you cannot edit or modify the ini file used by DH’s PHP version. That’s just be plain stupid if that allowed users to edit that. :stuck_out_tongue:


No it is not my own personal copy of PHP. I think that users should have a certain amount of control over settings in the php.ini. When editing the php.ini though, it states that any changes should be made to /etc/php/php.ini.local. The contents of the file would be pre/appended (don’t remember which) to the php.ini on execution. This file doesn’t exist and /etc/php isn’t editable.

That was the source of my question.


I have never herd about making a php.ini.local file. This is news to me. Where’s your source for that info?

Either cause, you cannot edit or create any files within /etc/php. If you need to set anything in the INI use the ini_set() method. But mind you, not everything will be setable. Refer to this page to determin what’s settable and where:

In phpinfo() the “local” column has nothing to do with a php.ini.local file. The “local” settings is based on the .htaccess and ini_set() settings used. If you’re using the php module, you can use .htaccess’s php_flag discribed here:

Hope that answers your question.


This comes from the php.ini file on the server. If you open it up in nano and read the top few lines, you’ll see this message about using a local file.

This is a great idea, but the problem is that if you can make changes to the php.ini file it would effect every other site on your server. Obviously this is no good, as there would be a great conflict of interest between users. It also opens up huge security risks.

However, there is a way around this. I’m not sure if you know or not, but you can easly install your own copy of PHP4 or PHP5 in your webspace. There’s instructions in the wiki on how to do this, and with a basic knowledge of SSH you shouldn’t have any difficulties with it. Once you have installed or compiled you own copy of php, you can edit the php.ini file how ever you’d like.



Oh, that’s a note to themselves. It would appear they have a centralized file that will auto generate a php.ini file to be used on live servers. This isn’t an uncommon practice.

php.ini.local is not a valid file for PHP itself. If there’s any php.ini.local file being used, it’s for custom inhouse use. PHP, itself, does not understand php.ini.local.

Yup, and I would highly recommend going to PHP5 if it’s at all possible. PHP4 needs to get phased out. If the script your using requires PHP4, then I would harp on the author to update his scripts or find a new script.