Php.ini and sending email

Hi everyone!

I am attempting to send an email once someone submits a form on my page. I am using php, and I know I have to modify the php.ini file to allow for emails to be sent.

Does anyone know what variables I have to modify (or create) in my php.ini file in order to send a simple notification email once my form has been submitted?

I have read a lot of postings about using Pear, and I thought that I could send emails without using pear by just modifying the php.ini file. Am I running in the right direction here??

I am using a Dreamhost VPS, and I simply want to know what lines of code/variables I have to set (and what to set them to for the Dreamhost environment) in order to be able to send an email using php on my Dreamhost VPS.

Thanks for your time!!

No modifications to your php.ini should be necessary to send email.

Be sure that the FROM address is set to be a valid address

You can’t leave it blank, and you can’t use different domain like yahoo or gmail etc…

I’ve found PHPMailer to be a good solution when dealing with email sent via PHP scripts.