Php includes? do they work?



With another host I’ve used php includes to bring in a variety of page content. I previously used htacess to enable my .htm pages to display the php include.

I’m having a devil of a time trying to get that to work again. If anybody has used Traffic on Steroids , that is a the program I’ve used to rotate the includes.

I can’t even ftp my htacess file to my directory, let alone see if it works.

I’m no wiz at this stuff, I seem to just be able to get things to work, but the change to dreamhost has been a little challenging.

As long as I’m asking, I’ve used C panel before and the stats and logs were really good, does dreamhost have something similar.



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PHP includes do work, as long as you are not trying to include a file with a full URL. For more on that, see this wiki article on the subject.

DreamHost has its own, specially created control panel. Your log files are available when you use FTP (you’ll find them in a special directory on the same level as your website directory). You can access your statistics by going to

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Thanks Simon,

appreciate your comments.

I’ve gotten most of my issues solved, and I did try to use full url’s :frowning:

Seems like the old brain fog crept in during the last couple of days, good to be back online.



BTW, the new site I put up is , just have the sales page up so far, almost done.

Thanks again.

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