Php include statements

I just want to use simple php include statements to facilitate navigation. The test did not work, I’m told that means your server may not be php ready, yet that doesn’t seem the case, what am I missing?

The servers here definitely support php. I suspect you’ve got a bug in your code. If you want someone to help you, please post the code you’re using so we can debug it.

It could be your pages are using an html extention instead of php extention. Also the server will find an html page of the same name before the page with php extention.
Just for clarification:
Index.html will not parse php code unless you change the htaccess file.
Index.html will be used before index.php if the server finds that file.

My website

Is there an error message of any kind?

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If you are trying to “include” stuff using urls ( is will not work on DH, as allow_url_fopen is disabled here ( as are other fopen functions that load remote code). This is easily worked around using curl, or by using path references to local files rather than urls.