Php include_path

there are some previous posts about this but none seem to resolve the issue…

trying to put all of my php includes in a common folder and use include_path to set a common path from any directory…

set include_path in .htacces, then found that that doesnt work for php run as CGI (dammit eh?)… then tried using a custom php.ini file since we cannot access our main php.ini file (correct?)… still, no lovin.

even set AllowOverride Options in .ini

any ideas?

general fomat used:
php_value include_path “.:/home/user/site_alias/inc/”

The easiest solution is to run PHP as an Apache module instead of CGI. This is what I do. I want to be able to set half a dozen or so PHP options, so I need the ability to do it via .htaccess.

Another way would be to use ini_set() at the top of all your files.

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thanks for that. was hoping to not have to switch to an apache module but i think the ease of use has convinced me…

have you found any other issues regarding CGI vrs. module than what is outlines in this post:

thanks again

hmm… wouldnt let me edit…

but got it all working for those that care…

check it out at

You could have tried set_include_path() as well.