Php include help...!

I’m basically trying to pull some posts from my SMF forum to my website but I keep getting an error:

Warning: include(/home/username/;board=2.0;limit=5;length=2500) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/.norna/ username/ on line 3

Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening ‘/home/ username/ /forums/SSI.php?ssi_function=boardNews;board=2.0;limit=5;length=2500’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/local/php5/lib/php’) in /home/.norna/ username/ on line 3

my URL reads something like this, inside the “main.php” i put the following:

<?php include($_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"].'/forums/SSI.php?ssi_function=boardNews;board=2.0;limit=5;length=2500'); ?>

i also tried putting <?php include("/home/.norna/username/;board=2.0;limit=5;length=2500"); ?> just to make sure but same errors showing up.

Any help is appreciated…

you should remove “home/username/” in the path.

try include(“forums/SSI.php”);

and here are some tips:

“forums/ssi.php” starts from current folder
"…/" goes to parent folder
"/" goes to root folder

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ok still no good…same errors. :frowning:

this error indicates that php can’t locate the file.

May I know where the file that executes include is and where the SSI file is?

I can give you an example.

if you have a file test.php in folder and you want to include a file test2.php in folder, the codes in test.php file will be something like include(“forums/test2.php”);

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I’m no PHP expert (far from it), but as I understand it, the line you are using above should indeed return the full path to SSI.php.

Have you checked all the obvious things? Such as, does / actually exist? Is the capitalization for the directory and file name correct? Remember, under Linux SSI.php and ssi.php are considered different file names.


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if you use $_SERVER[“DOCUMENT_ROOT”], it always returns the root folder which is your “

where is your folder “forum” located? Is it located in the root folder? Can you access the file from “”?

The problem must be that you are looking for the file in the wrong folder.

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this is driving me nuts! :confused:

i single out the problem based on your suggestions but i still get no luck.

The paths are correct. I inserted test.php in “forums/” in replace of ssi.php, and it works!

however, for some reason, inserting just ‘forums/test.php’ in the include did not work, i had to insert "$_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’] aswell to make it work…

At this point, i thought the culprit must be the ssi.php; so i went ahead and setup a localhost and
include it with the direct link,;board=2.0;limit=1;length=2500, just to see
if it gives me an error. Guess what, it works!

maybe this is an issue with DH’s php setup, and i need to enable some options in order for this to work? I’ve heard you can
install a custom php in your account but i’m not really good a that. :confused:

i know i’m one step closer nailing this thing! :slight_smile:

What does SSI.php actually do?

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you mean just include “forums/SSI.php”?

Well it does nothing, i get no errors. I assume it reads the correct path. But in order for it to function i have to include “?ssi_function=boardNews;board=2.0” with it. That’s where the trouble begins…

So the problem must be in the function, and not in the inclusion itself.

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thanks for the suggestions guys but i think i figured it out. =)

<?php $ch = curl_init(); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, ";board=2.0;limit=1;length=2500"); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HEADER, 0); curl_exec($ch); curl_close($ch); ?>

instead of:

<?php include($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/forums/SSI.php?ssi_function=boardNews;board=2.0;limit=1;length=2500'); ?>

Wait a minute. Are you saying that SSI.php is not on the same domain as the include?

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No, they are on same domain.

Basically, <?php include($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']."/includes/ssi.php"); ?> should work with no problem.

But the reason i’m getting an error was because i’m passing variables to an included file, that is, “?ssi_function=boardNews;board=2.0;limit=1;length=2500”

After reading the wiki i found out the only way for those to work together is to install a custom php or simply use cURL.

Okay. I get it now.

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