I have a question about inserting a PHP script into my HTML page. For example, I have a directory where my friends and relatives enter their info (name, address, phone numbers, etc) and can change it when they move. How can I insert that directory into my formatted HTM pages instead of having them be separate? This directory has several pages and I want all of them to have the menu and looks my regular webpages have. I would also like to do that with my blog (one-click program here in DH). When people go in and start clicking into pages and comments, they lose track of the main website page and they just click away from my site to go elsewhere on their internet journey. I want to have my regular website menu and looks on my blog. Hope you all understand my questions.

The easiest way is to add AddType application/x-httpd-php .html to the .htaccess file.

you can then use php in html by putting <?php [i]script[/i] ?> in to the .html file.

If you don’t add this to htaccess it would just show the php portions as text.

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.htaccess is the passworded file in the root directory, right?

Its just a text file in the root directory. If its not there you can create one.

If one is there already you may need to change the write permissions on the file to allow you to change it.

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You can learn more about the .htaccess file from its DreamHost Wiki page.

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