PHP: imap functions

After a little bit of work with getting an XML-RPC script
up and running I ran into a small problem, where I need
access to my email account to get information.

The best way I know of opening an IMAP stream to a
mailbox is to use the PHP function imap_open()

When I run my script I get an error: “Fatal error: Call to
undefined function: imap_open()” It looks like PHP was not
installed/compiled with imap enabled on the machine my
site sits on.

Are there any suggestions as to other functions I can use
to access the imap account, possibly PHP functions I don’t
know about? Are there any plans of enabling imap
functions under PHP?

imap_open ( string mailbox, string username, string password [, int options] )

More info here on imap_open() -

Paul K

I don’t know if IMAP functions are supposed to be enabled or not on DH’s end.
If they are not, you can follow the PHP5 tutorial and use PHP4 instead, and make sure you include the --with-imap or whatever is necessary to compile support for those functions.

Unless a spiffy admin hanging around here could get PHP recompiled with IMAP support on this user’s server ^_^. If they are indeed supposed to be useable.

Yep, they’re not installed by default… you need to compile your own. If you go to the Suggestions page in the control panel, you can also vote for it: “Add support for PHP-IMAP.”

Would this also be required for getting the Drupal Mailhandler module working? I’m having issues as described in my post here.

Your server does not have the required modules install to process bounces. Please contact your host or system administrator and ask them to install the “PHP-IMAP” module.
For more information, see The PHP Website

I need this installed for my site to function properly.
Anyone got advice?
i cannot install it i don’t think!