Php IMAP extentions


I have been trying to use a plug-in for Joomla called contentbymail.
Unfortunately I keep getting the same message coming back:

IMAP-Extension not loaded, trying to load…
2 dl(): Unable to load dynamic library ‘./’ - ./ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory1024 Could not load IMAP-Extension!

Can we not use php to get mail from our mail boxes? I even tried a couple of different mail servers I use. Same result. I have to assume that Dreamhost has not compiled PHP with imap extensions.

If this is the case, will Dreamhost do so? If not, is there a solution I can use to get mail from the server via php?

Thanks a Mil!



i, too, need this functionality for some sites i’m hosting on dreamhost. i hope they’ll be willing to enable this!