PHP IMAP - Can't Connect to DH Servers

I’m writing a lightweight webmail script to check my email when I can’t use a proper desktop client (SquirrelMail is horrible, RoundCube is way too slow and Horde is a pain to install).

It works fine on another host (I can connect to my ISP IMAP server and my DH IMAP server).

On a DH webserver, I can connect fine to my ISP IMAP server but it cannot connect to the DH IMAP server.

I have compiled my own version of PHP5 (as documented in the wiki).

So - is this some kind of firewall / network issue between my DH webserver and my DH IMAP server? If so - is there an internal address I can use rather than Or does the issue lie elsewhere?


Update: I discovered from another thread (which I didn’t find after my initial search) that if I use the /notls option when using imap_open() it works fine.

Now - is there a proper way of doing this instead of using this little hack?