PHP ICalendar setup!

I downloaded PHP iCalendar 2.0c for my webpage and then uploaded it to my webDAV folder and can’t get it to work at all! I put all the files (and subfolders) in From there, I’ve entered everything and fooled around with the file and nothing seems to work. When I go to my calendar folder, it just says “No input file specified” in Firefox and in Internet Explorer it just comes up as “page not found - 404 page”. I go to my admin folder under the calendar folder and same thing. I’ve put the “?” behind the index.php in the address bar. Everything I enter into the address bar and every file I try to access, it says the same thing. I use Dreamhost. I have PHP4 running. I’ve read other accounts where they uploaded it to their site and it the defaults work perfectly with the sample calendars. Am I missing something simple? Any idea what’s going on? Thanks for ANYONE’S help.

Check your private messages. I’m going to try to send you my working file. Also, I wouldn’t put phpicalendar in your WebDAV dir. Keep that one for just your calendars. Put phpicalendar in a separate directory. I have this working now at

I too am having a difficult time getting phpicalendar to read my .ics files when they are in a webdav folder. Any help? Would you mind sending me (or part of) a file that works for this configuration.



Try checking the forums at They’re REALLY good at diagnosing problems over there. Much better than I am. Check it out. I’ll post over there.

Thanks. I have been reading that forum. All I can find regarding DreamHost is to not run PHP as CGI. I will continue to read and search the phpicalendar forum and look forward to any help you can provide on the subject.