PHP Help Needed

DH did something with a Debian something and now my site won’t work. This is what the Yahoo’s at DH told me:

“It looks like it is installed, but it is a 64 bit lib. You are probably going to need to recompile your php with the new toolchain since you probably compiled it against 32bit libraries. Unfortunately, this is beyond the scope of what our support team can offer help with (we can’t offer assistance with custom php installs). If this doesn’t fix your issue, please let us know and we’ll be happy to look into it further for you.”

So basically, they screwed something up that they want me to fix. Very fair solution. Typical for DH though, at least in my experience. This subject is insanely over my head. Does anyone know what this guy is even talking about?

It appears that “whatever” script/env you’re using may have been compiled to function in a 32 bit environment and whilst your server has the libraries necessary they are of the 64 bit flavour, possibly necessitating that you recompile or use loaders specific to a 64 bit environment so that “whatever” script/env in question will work.

If you can supply relevant information about the issue, first and foremostly the script you’re running and it’s dependancies, someone here might be in a better position to discuss ways to solve whatever problem it is you’re having.

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Yahoo answers?

What lib do you need?

I really believe that DH uses a 32 bits Debian, my account when uname is called returns i686 GNU/Linux not x86_64

Anyway can you tell what are you trying to run?


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My site is, but I doubt that even helps. I don’t even have much of an idea what I need to provide to be honest guys. Someone else designed the site for me some years ago, I simply maintain it.

Does this mean I’m going to have to redo my scripts on every PHP related page on my site? The whole freaking site is PHP based.

It shouldn’t be required that you recode anything. If you can give information pertaining to the libraries that are there (but are now 64bit versions) then you should be able to troubleshoot it relatively easily. I’m referring to the comment “It looks like it is installed, but it is a 64 bit lib…”

Like Faith No More enquired in Epic: What is “it”?

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Looks up and running to me. What page does the error occur in?