PHP Group Software

I’m looking to install something like PHProjekt or PHPGroupware or Twiggi… or… You get the point, there are a few to choose from.

Has anyone gotten them to work here at DreamHost? If so, which one? Any help would be appreciated.


Out of curiosity did you ever get this to work? I’m trying to install phprojekt right now and having some trouble.

  • Lars

I was running phprojekt for a few months about a year ago. I can vouch for it being able to run but at this point after the fact can’t help in setup. It’ll go tho, and I liked it ok, meh, yeah, just ok =)


If by Twiggi you mean “TWiki” then yes, that runs fine: If it’s something else you meant then I’ll just walk away again, hm?

TWiki is a Perl-based content management system that’s extensible and very useful. Richard Donkin has a text about how he made it run on Dreamhost.


Hey! Sorry that it has taken me so long. I dont’ often come to the message board.

I am using eGroupware. It is working well at this point, and interfacing with MySQL and Dreamhost just fine. It wasn’t the easiest thing to get running.

I had to compile PHP with IMAP and GD and some other things. There was plenty help around on the web, but perhaps dreamhost has already compiled PHP with those things, as most of us run it as CGI now anyway.

So, I’d start with eGroupWare before I would try PHP groupware. I’ve tried them both, and believe (personally) that the eGroupWare program is more polished and secure. I’ve also found the group that runs and works on the code at SourceForge to be great to work with.

If you are a company with money, and want to just get it up and running fast, they do have a installation help for low $$$. If you are interested…

Swing by SorceForge…

Take Care,

I’m having some permissions problems setting up EGroupWare. I seem to be caught in a loop.

I get either:
Checking file-permissions of phpgwapi/images for not world writable: ttown/pg96897 drwxrwxrwx
phpgwapi/images is world writable !!!

Or if I change permissions I get:
Checking file-permissions of phpgwapi/images for writable by the webserver: ttown/pg96897 drwxrwxr-x
phpgwapi/images is not writable by the webserver !!!

Any suggestions?

AJ (or anyone else,)

I’m having (similar) problems with egroupware, i.e. “This PHP has no IMAP support compiled in!!” when accessing the email client. Is there a simpler solution than compiling my own version of PHP?


Did you ever get this figured out?! I’m trying to upgrade from 1.0 to 1.2 and got that same error. I finally picked “skip installation checks” and went ahead anyway. But now I’m getting other crazy errors and I’m wondering if that’s why. Would love to know what to chmod everything to be right!