Php gift registry

it’s this really cool program where you can have your own gift registry for your friends/family. you enter in what gifts you’d like to receive, and others can view what you want and check off if they buy it for you, and others don’t also buy it.

anyway, i am confused how to install it. i have to have direct access to MySQL and the farthest I’ve gotten so far is trying to create the database. i have to name it “phpgiftreg” and apparently that name is taken.

tech support won’t help me in any way and the instructions are made for a tech genius. i’m pretty tech savvy but not in mysql. it seems like i have to have direct access to the database in order to submit commands … here is an example

Run the create-phpgiftregdb.sql script like this:

mysql> source /path/to/create-phpgiftregdb.sql


i have no idea what that means. can anyone shed any light on this? i don’t know what else to do since tech support doesn’t help us install 3rd party software, and the instructions are confusing. thanks in advance

here’s the link to the program

I used this last year… works pretty well.

You can just do:
mysql -h -u youruser -p databasename < create-phpgiftregdb.sql

or else login to your database (from the command line MySQL client), and then follow those instructions. /path/to/create-phpgiftregdb.sql would be replaced by the actual path to the .sql file on the server.

Note that there are a couple of bugs in the current version. The author told me he’s going to release a new snapshot soon, hopefully (fixing those problems).

thanks for your reply will. maybe i will just wait for the next release? hopefully it will be soon since Xmas is around the corner.

i am still confused about the line of code … where do i type that? and how do i create the database “phpgiftreg” when that name is already taken by someone (maybe you? :slight_smile: )

You have to create the database from the web panel - (goodies -> mysql or something) first.

Once you have a database, you login to the database from the command line (telnet or ssh into your main web server) using the “mysql” program. You will need to enable shell access for your user if you haven’t already.

This will be something like:
[webserver]$ mysql -h -u username -p databasename

where username is your database username, is your mysql hostname, and databasename is the name of your database. You’ll then get prompted for your (database) password.

Maybe someone else here can give you some more hand-holding in this regard (or check previous forum posts).

He said he plans on releasing a new version Real Soon.

The 1.5.0 version should be functional - the bugs mostly have to do with resetting passwords and creating new accounts when manual approval is required.

My database isn’t named the same as the default, but in any event, you can name the database whatever you want, as long as you specify it correctly in the db.php file.

thanks again!

i guess i’ll need to figure out the telnet thing. is that something i have to download? hope there’s info in the Kbase