Php generated mail BOUNCES?

I have sme php scripts that send out mail. Some of the mail bounces, and the bouncs come to

which is my local user, but not my real mail user.

The mail shows up locally too:

[byosmosis2@ord]$ pwd
[byosmosis2@ord]$ ll
total 140
2009-04-02 08:28
-rw------- 1 byosmosis2 pg480675 3779 2009-04-03 19:06
-rw------- 1 byosmosis2 pg480675 5500 2009-04-03 19:07
-rw------- 1 byosmosis2 pg480675 6331 2009-04-03 19:08
-rw------- 1 byosmosis2 pg480675 4387 2009-04-06 16:49
-rw------- 1 byosmosis2 pg480675 4504 2009-04-17 13:58
-rw------- 1 byosmosis2 pg480675 6071 2009-04-17 13:58
drwx------ 2 byosmosis2 sddweb 4096 2009-04-17 13:58 .

How can I run a local mail reader like pine or mutt or elm or something? Pine seems to want to connect to an IMAP server…I just want to read the Maildir…


Just use the ‘mail’ command. I believe it’ll show you a numbered list of messages, and typing the number and hitting Enter will show you the message. Or just hitting return will advance through the messages. I think that a ‘d’ will delete the current message. Maybe ‘n’ will advance to the next message.


I tried that but doesn’t work.

[byosmosis2@ord]$ mail
mail: /home/byosmosis2/Maildir/: Is a directory

Seems like mail is looking for a mail spool type file - one long file with all the messages. The mail messages in this case are individual files (1 per message).

So I guess the goal here is make mail or pine or some other mail reader work with Maildir…

Now that I look at it, that looks like an IMAP mailbox setup. You can still manually read the files, can’t you? Like a ‘cat FILENAME’ command.


Yes, indeed.

I think this boils down to “need a pine compiled with the maildir patch.”

Trying a different approach, I was able to use “-f $bounceAddy” in my mail call to direct the bounces to another address, so at least now I can see them.

But that’s requiring me to use a different acct, I would love to be able to simply use the same webserver machine to collect the bounces. That way I could have my web programs access them…