PHP-generated images with no base image

I’m aware that images without base images (created with PHP) can be generated, but how about images that use images?

Normally, I have a script already to generate an image I need for multiple people, but this one is quite different. This one involves a person selecting multiple items from a list, then an image is generated using the icons they selected (all of the same small size.

There could be anywhere from 1 - 30 images, 10 images per row.

Is this possible to do without needing to resize a larger image each time? I’ve already hunted the imagecopymerge() function directions and comments with no luck. Not even with multiple “watermark” images, which I know go in to an array.

I need lots of help with this, but I’m not a beginner. Thank you so much for any help in advance. :slight_smile:


I would think that you could script this with imagemagick, but I’m not sure.

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