Php gallery

has anybody managed to get Gallery (at, the actual home page seems to be down as i write this) working?

i installed netpbm and jhead ok, but have had trouble getting around php’s security. how do i get the files in /gallery to run as php-cgi without changing all the file extensions? i also encountered a php openbase_dir bug, i think.

anybody have any advice on how to get this done?

  • dan

Hi Dan, It is possible to get it running on DH. I gave up on it because I had taken so much time with it and was done. LOL I did everything but run it as php-cgi because I forgot about that. I also got the open_basedir error because it wasn’t run as php-cgi. Go here for help on changing the extensions


hi christy -

thanks for writing - i read that kbase page and i don’t remember seeing that .htaccess advice there, how strange! - anyway, that’s just what support suggested earlier today, and it worked, sort of - i got all the way through the configuration process and then when i tried to log in to the gallery itself i got another error:

Warning: fopen("/home/myusername/mydomain/gallery/albums/.users/userdb.dat.lock", “a+”)

  • Permission denied in /home/someDHaliasthing/myusername/mydomain/gallery/platform/fs_unix.php on line 53
    Error: Could not open lock file (/home/myusername/mydomain/gallery/albums/.users/userdb.dat.lock)!

when i looked at the contents of the .htaccess file, i saw that the configuration process had overwritten it with some other stuff - the AddType stuff wasn’t there anymore. did you experience anything like this?



Dan, I never got that far to have the error. LOL Someone else who posted here did have the problem you’re having and she got it fixed. She had emailed me after I responded to her post and told me. How she did it I don’t know. Go to this post she made It’s at the top. Maybe you can send a private message or email her and ask how she got it fixed. I hope you get it working :slight_smile: