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Hopefully this is in the right forum…

I found a great little PHP gallery script that I absolutely love… however, it doesn’t have pagination capabilities to it… otherwise, it’s exactly what I’m looking for.

I’m not a PHP programmer (I can read it, but I can’t speak it) and would love to incorporate some pagination to this script… any suggestions?

If that’s too much of a pain, are there any other ultra-lightweight dynamic PHP gallery scripts out there that utilized the “detail” style thumbnails and lightbox with pagination? I’m not looking to display EXIF data or clog up the pages with heavy table use and other BS… just something really simple.




Have you looked at DreamHosts offering of ZenPhoto.
There is an easy install or a slightly more advanced install in the ‘One Click Install’ section of Goodies in the Control Panel.

That uses albums for collections and then in each album you can set how many picture thumbnails to view before pagination starts.

I recall that one of the themes uses Lightbox.


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Wow… I could have sworn I responded to this…:wink:

Norm… thanks for your input… ZP was the first gallery I tried out, but it was just too congested, and had way too many options in it, that I didn’t want or need… although, I may end up using it for other applications.

I ended up using JV2 Folder Gallery, which is still not as light as I wanted, but it’s working, the client is happy with it, so I’m done with it. LOL