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For the past while, I’ve put up a PHP form on my website that emails me whenever someone fills out the form. However, ever since I put up the form, I have received about 30 spam form entries everyday from the same few sources (as I see from their fake email addresses). Most of them go to my junk email, but someone uses the email address "". The word “some” in the email is always changing, (ie. I wanted to block this email, but I didn’t want to stop receiving email from dreamhost. Is there a script that I could use to stop this spam, yet is still easy to use for my other visitors?

Thanks for your time!

It sounds to me that the php script you are using is not checking the email field to verify it is a complete email. I think they are entering just the word some and nothing else. As the rest of the email I would beleive is the machine you are using as a server.
Another thing you can do is check thier ip address and place it in the body of your message, then whenever someone sends you a message you know the ip address that can then be put in a htaccess file to block them.
For you email field check out regular expressions in the php manual at

You need to try using a more secure script. I’ve never had a problem with people spamming one of my forms. I use jack’s php formmail script. You can download it from here, It is based on Matt’s script.

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