Php Form Mail

I run several static websites that used to submit forms.
Recently Dreamhost has disallowed use of the program because it is
outdated. They suggest using as a relay for conveying

While I have done this as a temporary measure I am not happy with
emails passing through third parties, especially if they are storing
the last 100 messages.

There seem to be a number of php forms available on the web but I am
not in a position to judge their relative merits. Could someone who
is familiar with these forms recommend one I could use bearing in mind
that I have no knowledge of the language.


You can use

I use it on my site and it works great. However, you will need to have some knowledge of PHP.

Hi kjodle,

Thanks for the link. The site appears to offer a number of tutorials
on setting up form mail. I will work through them before putting up
the page on my sites.


Hi again kjodle,

I have instlled the program and it is working like a charm.

Although I still do not know any php it was easy enough to modify the
file to suit my purpose.

Thanks again for the tip.


Cheers! Glad to help!

Thank you kjodle. It took a while as my ISP decided to take a nap this Sunday afternoon. But I have it working!

Now to “make it pretty”. :slight_smile:


Another option for an out of the box solution is formmail.php from here: The script itself is open source, free, and maintained. They will sell services and extras. It seems to address the vulnerabilities that had. I have configured it for use on a couple of sites with success and it seems to do the job.